Writer Sonja Grgar

Sonja Grgar has had her work published in newspapers, and broadcast on the creative art programs on Kingston’s CFRC 101.9 FM Radio. A selection of Sonja’s work will be published in an Ontario based poetry and prose anthology titled “That Not Forgotten”. The anthology will be published by the North Shore Series/Hidden Brook Press, and is slated to launch in the summer/fall of this year.

Sonja has recently returned to the Lower Mainland after living in Kingston, Ontario, for over a decade. She has nurtured a passion for writing her entire life, and up until recently, has mainly explored it in the academic and journalistic settings. She is now developing her creative writing with focus on poetry, essays, and short stories.

Sonja is passionate about exploring many different creative and critical approaches to writing, and is enthusiastic about the prospect of building up her creative community in Surrey and Metro Vancouver.

View one of her recent report on a literary event:
Feb 24 Surrey Muse

New mystery novel ‘Death beneath the Pines’ by Sonsie Meadows

Tired of big city life and fatigued by the flu, Molly Fraser arranges a quiet sabbatical in a Scottish village by the sea, hoping to finish writing her long-neglected novel. But her peaceful respite is interrupted when, while exploring the countryside with her dog, she happens upon skeletal human remains. Suddenly, Molly is thrust in the midst of a mystery the villagers thought they had put behind them.

She reports the sighting to her new friend, Gregor Balfour, and shows him a brooch she found at the scene; he reveals that his wife, Sarah, has been missing for twelve years and, more shocking yet, that the brooch is hers. As Molly attempts to solve the intriguing puzzle, she learns more about the victim, her relationships, subsequent disappearance, and murder—and soon wonders exactly whom she can trust. Worse yet, Molly soon realizes that someone is willing to do just about anything to stop her from solving the puzzle.

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Excerpt from
‘Death beneath the Pines’
Sonsie Meadows

‘Thurber was starting to go further afield, his nose to the ground and tail up, a miniature of the classic trailing hound stance. He’d caught the scent of something, likely another rabbit, and he was off, oblivious to Molly’s calls. She left the track and followed him through the woods, moving quickly to keep him in sight. By the time she caught up to the puppy, she was breathless and they were in a darker section of the wood she’d never been in before. It was a quiet, unsettling place. She felt inexplicably ill at ease. Then, suddenly, a movement in the air to her left startled her. An owl flew silently into a nearby pine.

‘Molly took a moment to calm herself. Thurber hadn’t even noticed the bird. His senses focused on the ground. A fence marked the edge of the tract as it abutted private land, with a big stone house some distance away. She clipped the leash to his collar while he snuffled around the massive exposed roots of a newly fallen pine.

‘“There, you brat! If you don’t learn to come when you’re called, you’ll have to be on a leash. What are you doing now?” Thurber was digging under the roots. “Oh no, what have you got now?” She grabbed his head and tried to pry open his jaws. “Leave it! Leave it!” She managed to pull the object from his mouth. It was a bone. She dropped it hastily. Some poor creature. The puppy lunged back at the ground. This time, his prize was something metallic. Molly retrieved it and brushed the dirt away. It was an old blackened brooch, probably silver, with an intricate Celtic design and a dark red stone in the centre. Thurber was digging frantically now. More bones. She dragged him away, fastened him to a tree, and went back for a closer look … and stood in shock, staring at a skull. Thurber whined, straining at his leash.’

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Sign This Petition: For India to Lift Ban on Rushdie’s ‘Satanic Verses’

Reconsider the ban on Salman Rushdie’s ‘The Satanic Verses’

Sign it Here

I just signed the following petition addressed to:

PM, India, Manmohan Singh
Home Minister, India, P Chidambaran

‘We the undersigned support the right of all artists and writers to freedom of expression and we strongly urge the government to reconsider the 23-year-old ban of the Satanic Verses.

‘The Satanic Verses has not incited violence anywhere; others have used the novel’s existence to incite violence to suit their political ends. Within India, in the 23 years since the ban, we have witnessed an erosion of respect for freedom of expression, as artists like MF Husain, Chandramuhun Srimantula, Jatin Das, and Balbir Krishan have been intimidated, and works of writers like Rohinton Mistry and AK Ramanujan have been withdrawn because of threats by groups claiming to be offended.

‘India is one of the very few countries in the world where the ban stands, placing us alongside Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia, Liberia and Papua New Guinea, among others. We submit with respect that there is a democratic need to review and re-examine the circumstances that led to the original ban of the Verses in 1988, which have changed greatly over time.’


Created by Nilanjana Roy.

Warm Regards,
Fauzia Rafique

Fauzia Rafique – Readings at Kogawa House – Van Nov 13

Sunday November 13
Kogawa House
1450 64 Avenue West

South Asian Canadian author
Fauzia Rafique
Will present readings from her
Novel ‘Skeena’ (Libros Libertad 2011)
Novel ‘Triple’ (Unpublished ms)
Poems from ‘Passion Fruit/Tahnget Phal’ (Uddari Books 2011)

With Susan Crean and Tariq Malik


Fauzia Rafique: Fauzia Rafique’s long-awaited novel Skeena was published in Punjabi in Pakistan in 2007, and in Canada last Spring. It is the story of a Muslim Canadian woman, written in Skeena’s own voice, which follows her journey from village to Lahore, to Toronto and finally Surrey. View Fauzia’s page: http://gandholi.wordpress.com/

Susan Crean is working on a book exploring Chinese Canadian communities through someone she knew as a child. Susan has written and edited many works of non fiction. One of her books ‘The Laughing One: A Journey to Emily Carr’ was short-listed for the 2001 Governor General’s Award for non fiction. In 2002, the title won the BC Book Prize for Non fiction. More at: www.susancrean.ca

Tariq Malik, a member of the Kogawa House Board who has recently launched his book ‘Chanting Denied Shores: The Komagatamaru Narratives‘, will also present from his work. He had earlier published ‘The Rainsongs of Kotli’.

About the events at Kogawa House:
Up-coming Events at Kogawa House‏ – Vancouver Sundays Nov-Dec

To reserve a seat

Visit: http://www.kogawahouse.com/.

‘Readings at Renaissance’ Sunday July 17th

Calling Vancouver Lower Mainland
Writers, Poets, Storytellers, Singers, Songwriters
Open Mic
Third Sundays of each month
‘Readings at Renaissance’
Beginning this Sunday July 17, 2011

In an enchanting backdrop of rare, old, new books
With coffee and cakes
Share your creativity and creations

Renaisance Books
#43-6th Street
New Westminster (Columbia Skytrain)

Contact: Lavana at renbooks@telus.net

The crazed poets or the poetry-crazed will still have time to get over to Poetic Justice at the Heritage Grill Backroom, 3-5 pm, where there will be 3 features with Candice James on most Sundays & then an open mic.
SHAYNA VIRGINILLO, FRAN BOURASSA and TIMOTHY SHAY will be the features this Sunday July 17.