‘Sparrow of Love’ by Fauzia Rafique

Flying over the nests of hearts
A small sparrow of love
Dropped a shocking pink egg on me
What should I do with it now?

Just in the palm with care
Warm it with feathers and cotton balls
Feed seed when the chick comes out
Enjoy the pleasure to see it fly

Or may be
Paint blue and yellow flowers
Place it in a box
Decorate my drawing room
Write on it ‘Don’t touch, delicate egg of love’.

Or perhaps
Over the burning fire and in the heated oil
Break, fried egg
Eat this morning for breakfast

From Fauzia’s Punjabi poem ‘Peyar dee Chirri’.
Translated by the Author.

Reblogged on mayanaam.wordpress.com from gandholi.wordpress.com

Source: ‘Sparrow of Love’ by Fauzia Rafique


Author: Mayanaam


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