Writer Sonja Grgar

Sonja Grgar has had her work published in newspapers, and broadcast on the creative art programs on Kingston’s CFRC 101.9 FM Radio. A selection of Sonja’s work will be published in an Ontario based poetry and prose anthology titled “That Not Forgotten”. The anthology will be published by the North Shore Series/Hidden Brook Press, and is slated to launch in the summer/fall of this year.

Sonja has recently returned to the Lower Mainland after living in Kingston, Ontario, for over a decade. She has nurtured a passion for writing her entire life, and up until recently, has mainly explored it in the academic and journalistic settings. She is now developing her creative writing with focus on poetry, essays, and short stories.

Sonja is passionate about exploring many different creative and critical approaches to writing, and is enthusiastic about the prospect of building up her creative community in Surrey and Metro Vancouver.

View one of her recent report on a literary event:
Feb 24 Surrey Muse

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