Poet Franci Louann

Franci Louann
New Westminster (Metro Vancouver)
Writing Categories
Poetry, proofreading
Available for
Readings, mentorships, workshops, consultations, contract work; likes to help with naming and renaming. (A name is a short poem.)

Franci Louann is a West Coast woman born in Stratford, Ontario—as ‘Frances Louann Workman’. She has a strong work ethic and has won prizes for her poetry. Ever the student, she would ‘workshop forever’. Franci continues to play an important role in developing literary communities in Metro Vancouver.

‘The Wild Weathers: a gathering of love poems’ (51 poets, edited by Ursula Vaira, Leaf Press, 2012)
‘Beach Cardiology’ (poetry chapbook, Lipstick Press, 2010)
Inclusion in many poetry anthologies
‘Woman’s Eye, 12 B.C. poets’ (edited by Dorothy Livesay, AIR, 1974 & 1975)

More information
http://www.coopradio.org/content/wax-poetic-36 (starts 2 minutes in)

Email: flouann@telus.net
Telephone: 604-522-7613
Cell: 604-837-7613

Author: Mayanaam


2 thoughts on “Poet Franci Louann”

  1. Good job, well done. I’ll use this for a link too, as I haven’t found/looked for/been using the one with the Fed. of BC Writers.


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