World Poetry Youth member from Canada – Yilin Wang!

World Poetry is honoured to present Yilin from our newly formed World Poetry Youth Team. She has read for us at the World Poetry First International Festival in May, 2011, and at WOTS, and will be reading at World Poetry Presents at our sister group Poetry Around the World hosted by World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Dr. Lucia Gorea on November 12th along with other WP Youth Team Poets.

It is our plan that the World Poetry Youth Team will read in various events thoughout the year and also in May at the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival, 2012.

Yilin Wang is a Generation Z writer and journalist currently studying at the University of British Columbia. She loves using her pen to weave lyrical tales, play with language, and advocate artistic pursuits. Her fiction and poetry have been published in magazines and on websites, as well as won international contests such as the Lisa Rector Young Writer’s Scholarship. As a freelance journalist for Canadian Newcomer Magazine, she also interviews successful youths and writes about organizations that help immigrants adapt to their new life in Canada. Currently, she is working on a magic realism novel for young adults, as well as maintains a blog for Generation Z writers at

How To Ace Your Calculus Class
By Yilin Wang

take notes
waltz your pencil across the powder white page
a scholar from ancient Japan
delicately inscribing
every raindrop of wisdom
your head bowed like a Zen monk
arranging a bouquet of fresh daffodils

balance equations in kind
ladies gracefully tiptoe across the emperor’s court
swinging open silk fans
raising formal kimonos in a curtsy
cautious, yet proud
keep your eyes forward
as you plough through the glacial mountain
of limit calculations and Epislon Delta proofs

build fundamental skills
students spend years perfecting knowledge
in the art of powdered mocha
you too must train yourself
to employ algebra and geometry
as artists brewing green tea
elegantly wield the bamboo scoop

graph functions accurately
like a ninja
the assassin of the night
you watch with tiger eyes
spinning your blade across the dark shadows
hitting the target with a thump
conquer the polynomial
you have only one chance
before your master collects the test paper
to tabulate your final score.

Yilin Wang (C)

Author: Mayanaam


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