Writing Life Workshop – Greetings from Kogawa House‏

From Susan Crean

Well, I am now settled in at Kogawa House and rediscovering Vancouver with delight. I am counting on seeing you during my stay here. I especially want to invite you to visit me here at the House.

There will be lots of occasions for you to do that over the next two months. Starting with the Writing for Social Change series of readings I host here on alternate Sundays. But I am also planning a party in December.

Meantime, I’m conducting a workshop on Saturday October 29th. for beginning writers who want to write their family stories. I am teaming up with writer/historian Larry Wong, so there will be some emphasis on Chinese–Canadian stories. If you know anyone who might be interested, here’s the info:

Writing Life Workshop
Saturday, October 29th, 10-3pm.
Cost: $125 includes lunch
Register: kogawahouse@email.com

The visiting writers will be Tara Beagan (October 30), Betsy Warland (Nov 6), Fauzia Rafique (Nov 13), Wade Compton (Nov 27), Shirley Bear (Dec 4).

For details and my Kogawa House blog go to

See you soon,


Author: Mayanaam


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