Book Signing: Ben Nuttall-Smith, New Westminster, March 6/11

Ben Nuttall-Smith will be available for Book Signing for his new historical novel ‘Blood, Feathers & Holy Men’
Sunday, March 6
2:30 to 3:30 pm
At Renaissance Books
43-6th Street
New Westminster

“This far-reaching novel eloquently displays the author’s love of history and storytelling. Blood, Feathers and Holy Men rampages from monastic life in the old world to exotic practices on a distant continent. En route the reader is treated to the lifestyles of impoverished Irish monks, marauding Vikings, the first nations in a new world and the early civilizations of what would one day become Central America. Ben Nuttall-Smith has crafted a fascinating tale of enormous scope.”
– Anthony Dalton
National President,
Canadian Authors Association

Paperback 9 x 6 in
252 pages
ISBN: 9781926763101
Libros Libertad


Author: Mayanaam


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