Book Launch: ‘Soldier of the Horse’ by Robert Mackay

Robert Mackay is launching his historical novel ‘Soldier of the Horse’ this Wednesday March 2nd, 7pm, at the Cloverdale legion (17567-57th Ave, Cloverdale).

The novel begins in Winnipeg in 1914. Tom Macrae, a law student from a secure, settled life on the Canadian prairies, is sent into the trenches, mud and horror of the Great War. As many men did, he leaves behind his sweetheart, Ellen, who has decisions of her own to face during Tom’s absence.

A member of the Canadian Cavalry Brigade, Tom serves in and out of the trenches, in the thick of the stalemated struggles on the Western Front. Along with the soldiers’ comradeship, there also lie strong bonds of trust between soldiers and their horses. Together, Tom and the Brigade face a hurricane of shells, machine guns and bayonets and discover the best and the worst of humanity.

Inspired by his own father’s story of fighting in Picardy, France, Robert Mackay’s novel pivots on the great military history and traditions of the Canadian Cavalry, while showing the human element, dedication and vulnerability of those who served in World War One.

Soldier of the Horse
TouchWood Editions, March 2011
ISBN: 978-1-926741-24-6
$19.95 CAD (Trade paperback)

Visit the author website


Author: Mayanaam


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