‘The Destiny of Dreams’ a romance novel by Gisela Woldenga

Can it be possible for dreams to come true? Valerie asks herself that question after dreaming of an unknown man she had deeply fallen in love with. Hundreds of miles away the man wonders about the same thing: who is this woman he is seeing in his nightly visions? Through more dreams and a coincidental meeting it seems they were lovers thousands of years ago at the time of the Pharaoes and met an untimely death.

Can their love survive in the here and now, or must it whither under the weight of their daily trials?

‘The Destiny of Dreams’ was launched this past Sunday Feb 13 at Renaissance Books in New Westminster.

Gisela Woldenga
I have been writing all my life, but only published since the early 1980s. Mostly I write short stories, children’s stories and poems for various magazines in the US and Canada. You will find me on Facebook and Google, as well as the website of Artbookbindery.com.
You can reach me at 604-939-5357 (before 9:30 p.m.)
Email: gisellewoldenga@hotmail.com


Author: Mayanaam


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