‘The Cosmopolitan living’ by Haider Rizvi

A Poem by Haider Rizvi

Time, what time?
Sunday evening?
Monday morning?
I will see you soon
When the sky of your
Heart is filled with the
Beauty of full moon
On the laptop of your
Thought, but listen,
She said, oh wait,
What date? January
No, maybe December
‘Remember,’ she said,
‘One day! I don’t know.
2011. No, 3011. No, maybe
By that time you are drowned and dead
No? Whatever! What time is it?’
I got to go.
Where? I don’t know
I will email you
I promise. I will email my frozen
Heart and packaged thought to you
As soon as I am done with
The morning news about
Who was where in bed with whom last night
In the world of fame and game
Hey, where are you?
I don’t know
What did you say?
The night goes on
Forever without you
Where are you?
I don’t know!


Author: Mayanaam


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